Sunday, July 25, 2010

transatlantic & and art openings

My darling friend Phoebe has gone away to Europe for 5 weeks.
I am already missing her, but she is so lucky to have a chance to go over there.
so i am writing a little dairy of funny things that are happening to me so she is all up to speed when she gets back.


I went to an art gallery opening at Fremantle Arts Centre, which was the opening of a couple of exhibits Fashioning Now, the Glowmesh project and Dream Bore.
Free wine, great music, and people.
The fashioning now had to lovely pieces by Issey Miyake and some stuff by Romance Was Born. It was breathtaking to see these pieces up close...considering you only ever really see them on the catwalk.


Romance Was Born

Issey Miyake

(sorry about the blurry photos, but i took them on my phone...)

The Glowmesh Poject by Nairn Scott
(each is painted using 23k gold leave flakes)

All the exhibits are on till the 19th of September, so check it out

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