Monday, May 3, 2010

Music Is...

Along to the page changes, I've added a music paylist as well using Mixpod, a great site which allows you to make music playlist that you can upload to your blog, facebook and myspace. I'm aiming to make a new playlist every month, so stay tuned!

May playlist:

Rollercoster -M.Ward
Transatlanticism - Death Cab For Cutie
In The Sun -She & Him
La Femme D'Argent - Air
Norwegian Wood - The Beatles
Vanished -Crystal Castles
Microcastle - Deerhunter
No Intention - Dirty Projectors
Knife - Grizzly Bear
Best In The Class - Late Of The Pier
Ceremony - New Order
Little Bit - Lykke Li
Ordinary - Red Riders
Jellybones -The Unicorns
Ce Jeu - Yelle
Flim - Aphex Twin 
Silver Soul - Beach House
Lover Of Mine - Beach House


1 comment:

  1. totaly love beach house! profile looking amazing, keep up the good work, mika